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ACF Training

Address 6556 Bethesda Rd
Stouffville, Ontario
L4A 7X3
Phone 905-642-8658
Description: Professional first aid and CPR training for all levels; small or large groups.

BodySmith International

Address 5 Gormley Industrial Avenue
Gormley, Ontario
L0H 1G0
Phone 905-888-5000
Website  www.bodysmithinternational.com
Description: At BodySmith, we don't pretend to offer the traditional busy gym-club lifestyle. Instead, we provide a more intimate studio environment where you and your trainer participate in a relationship of trust and guidance to achieve your optimum health and fitness goals. Our clients range from professional athletes to average folk who just want to get in shape but need the motivation and guidance of a personal trainer. Choosing to work with a Personal Fitness Trainer is a commitment to changing your lifestyle. It's a love/hate, work/play relationship where your trainer 'reads' your potential and limitations...and takes you gently towards excellence.

Curves for Women

Address 6306 Main Street
Stouffville, Ontario
Phone 905 - 642-4392

Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine

Address 3905 Sideline 14, South of Claremont
Stouffville, Ontario
L0H 1J0
Phone 905- 649-5170
Description: Find out if Homeopathy is right for you! Book yourself a free half hour information session.

Elements of Health Yoga

Address 117 Ringwood Dr. #10
Stouffville, Ontario
Phone 905 640-5768
Website  Elementsofhealthyoga.com
Description: Yoga for everyone, all levels available. Small classes & personal instruction available in an open inviting space. Check website elementsofhealthyoga.com for schedule and current offerings. Namaste Stouffville!


Stouffville, Ontario
Phone 416-737-5208
Website  www.fizzique.ca
Description: Fizzique is a personal training and group training business that started in 2004. Our trainers are fully certified with a fitness schooling background and a CSEP-CPT certification. We serve the York Region area with in-home training, Skype training, and bootcamp classes. Like us on facebook (Fizzique Personal Training) and follow us on Twitter (@trainfizzique) to receive updates about current fitness trends and our services. Visit our website for a list of our services and to download our quarterly FREE magazine. Book your next appointment with us (alexis.talledes@fizzique.ca). Have a fit day!

Fusion Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre

Address Unit 1, 61 Ringwood Dr.
Stouffville, Ontario
L4A 8C1
Phone (905) 640-9100
Fax (905) 640-9106
Website  www.fusionphysio.com
Description: Fusion Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre offers physiotherapy and massage therapy services to the community of Stouffville and surrounding area. We also provide bracing and athletic supplies, custom orthotics, first aid/CPR courses, pre and post-natal fitness and acupuncture. Our bright and modern clinic space is well equipped to service the needs of our patients and our highly skilled staff can help to get those injured to 'feel better and live well'.

Healing Force

Address 6333 Main st
Stouffville, Ontario
L4A 1G5
Phone 905-642-8643
Fax 905-642-8901
Description: Healing Force carries professional vitamin lines.

Health Coach

Goodwood, Ontario
Phone 416-258-6750
Website  http://arthurfield.com
Description: I'm Arthur Field and my mission is to inspire, educate, and encourage you to begin taking steps toward achieving better health! "Better health" is a point which you should continue to pursue for the rest of your life. Better health is a state or feeling which only you can define for yourself. It's a place where you know you feel better than you did before, yet somewhere you want to progress forward from tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. There is no end to better health. It is a goal we should all pursue, no matter what age or state of health we are at today. It has a positive impact on every facet of our life and of those we care about. Having more energy, being more active, managing our stress levels, and generally feeling better about ourselves will carry over into our relationships, our careers, and the quality of the time we spend with our family. I believe this to be true because "better health" is exactly what I set out to achieve two years ago, and with that decision came a renewed and re-energized outlook on my entire life. I am very proud of completing my Health Coach Certification from the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute because the four areas upon which these workshops focus are fundamentally aligned with my belief that we owe ourselves, and those we care about, the "gift of health"! L.E.A.N. living (Lifestyle / Exercise / Attitude / Nutrition) is a common sense, science-based, yet simple approach that can be adopted regardless of age or present health condition: Lifestyle: How you live Exercise: How you move Attitude: How you think Nutrition: How you eat My services include individual consultations and a series of workshops for various life stages: 1) L.E.A.N Expectations: A series of educational workshops that teach those preparing for pregnancy, expecting, and nursing mothers how to care for themselves and their babies. 2) L.E.A.N. Start: Workshops cover basic label reading, nutrient needs, and child friendly exercises that help young families establish healthy habits early on. 3) Prime-Time Health: A scientifically proven plan for adults seeking to feel younger, live longer, and age well. I look forward to connecting with you and encourage you to visit arthurfield.com to see how you can start feeling better today!

Herbalife Distributor

Address 523 Abbotsford Rd
Stouffville (Preston Lake), Ontario
L0H 1G0
Phone 905-751-1510
Fax 905-751-1980
Description: For over 30 years Herbalife has combined Western Science with Eastern Herbal wisdom to help millions of people around the world lose weight and improve their health. Let us help you with free consultation.

Innovator Avenue Dental

Address 30 Innovator Avenue
Suite 2
Stouffville , Ontario
L4A 0Y2
Phone 905-642-3454
Website  www.innovatoravenuedental.com
Description: We are here for all your families dental needs. We are open weeknights and Saturdays to serve you better. We accept new patients and emergencies. We are kids friendly and helpful.

It Works! Independent Distributor

Stouffville, Ontario
L4A 0T4
Phone 647-208-8933
Website  https://sonya_enhanceyourlife.myitworks.com/Home
Description: Hi, I'm Sonya Scanlan, an independent distributor for It Works! Global here in Stouffville! It Works! Global is one of the fastest growing companies in the world, and is a body-slimming, anti-aging and nutritional company that offers amazing products to help you feel and look better. Our signature product, and one that you won't find anywhere else, is called the Ultimate Body Applicator (aka the 'skinny wrap'). This is a wrap that targets problem areas on your body for a minimum of 45 minutes such as, stomach, legs, thighs, arms, back, chin, buttox, breasts, etc. and uses a powerful combination of naturally-based ingredients to get into your adipose cells (fat cells), flush them out, and shrink them down, therefore leaving the area tightened, toned, firmed and detoxified. This also often means inches lost! The product continues working three days after removal which means more shrinkage! The results are phenomenal and it is not water loss. It's real, and it lasts for a long time. People (women AND men) are very excited about this product and It Works! other products as well! I'm extremely excited to be a part of this company, and invite you to visit my official website and "like" my facebook page: https://sonya_enhanceyourlife.myitworks.com/Shop https://www.facebook.com/WrapShrinkBeMerryGetSkinnnyWithSonyaItWorks This company and products are legitimate and catching on like wildfire. It's not sold in stores. It's relatively fresh in the Canadian market and that is why you probably haven't heard of it before. But you have now ;) Please take a look around at the products and information. I would love to have you as a customer or a team member (in Canada, USA, England, Australia, Ireland, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales!) I appreciate your time and thank you for your support! If you have any questions please contact me at any time. Take care, Sonya sonya_itworks@hotmail.com

Jamie Langlois Registered Holistic Nutrition

Address 59 Amos Lehman Way
Stouffville, Ontario
Phone 905-726-0788
Description: Jamie guides her clients towards optimal health through the power of nutrition!!

JoActive In Home Personal Training

Address John Davis Gate
Stouffville, Ontario
L4A 1T6
Phone 416-845-7134
Website  www.JoActive.com
Description: Enhance your life! Achieve health and fitness through one-on-one personal training that provides encouragement and accountability. Learn proper form and technique and avoid plateaus through Periodized Training. Most importantly, exercise in the comfort of your own home and have fun in the process. Are you in need of a life changing experience that will improve your health and wellness? With JoActive, you will improve your quality of life by gaining strength, shedding fat and improving energy levels. In addition to personal training, JoActive offers stretch therapy which helps relieve muscle tension and reduce chronic pain. Visit www.JoActive.com for a free consultation!

Joint Venture Fitness Inc.

Address 6212 Main Street Unit 202
Stouffville, Ontario
Phone 905 - 642-7004

Joseph Steyr, Naturopathic Doctor

Address 38 Innovator Ave, Unit 3
Stouffville, Ontario
L4A 0Y2
Phone 905-591-2591
Website  http://www.advancedchiro.ca/
Description: Dr. Joseph Steyr is a Naturopathic Doctor with a focus on human biochemistry and it affects our hormones, digestive health, and chronic illness. Dr. Steyr does a lot of work with endometriosis, menstrual pain, depression and anxiety, ADHD, fertility, and food intolerances. Dr. Steyr’s style is to look for the root cause a person’s health, going beyond just treating symptoms his approach is to find a deep and long lasting solution. He sees his career as a perfect union between evidence based medicine and traditional knowledge. He brings a blend of conventional medical sciences and traditional health philosophies into his practice, which allows him to see a person’s health from multiple points of view. He acts as a bridge between conventional and alternative medicines. He empowers his patients and helps them explore naturopathic options and treatments that best meet their health needs. Dr. Steyr is a graduate of Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and was on the pediatric focused shift as a clinical intern. Dr. Steyr is registered with the Board of Directors of Drugless therapy – Naturopathy, is a member of the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors, and the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors.

Julia Gonen - Naturopathic Doctor

Address 1630 Main Street
Stouffville, Ontario
L4A 1A6
Phone 905-591-5522
Website  http://www.juliagonen.com
Description: Julia Gonen, ND, is a licensed and registered Naturopathic Doctor who is dedicated to providing comprehensive, natural healthcare by educating, empowering, motivating and listening to patients. She provides individualized treatment plans that work with each person's specific health needs, creating a foundation for long-lasting health and balance.

Kids Dental Group

6371 Main Street
Stoufville, Ontario
L4A 1G4
Phone 905 642 3642
Fax 905 642 9121
Website  http://kidsdentalgroup.ca
Description: Kids Dental Group – Pediatric & Orthodontic Specialists. Two Specialties. One Goal. Your Child's Perfect Smile. The opportunity to create a beautiful smile for your child is not something we take lightly. We understand your need to make sure the fit is perfect between your child and the dental practice you choose. There’s a lot to consider when selecting a pediatric dental or orthodontic specialist. Rest assured, as a dual-specialty dental clinic (Pediatric and Orthodontic Specialists), Kids Dental can seamlessly treat your child from their first dental exam right through their teens – from checkups and cleanings, to fillings and braces. Our patient satisfaction rate is through the roof Check around. You’ll find we built our reputation by providing the highest level of care. Need more information? Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your child’s needs. No referral needed.

L&A ortho and KIDS

Address 6371 Main St.
Stouffville, Ontario
L4A 1G4
Phone 905-642-3642
Fax 905-642-9121
Website  www.lakids.ca
Description: "Dentistry for kids and braces for all" We are a dual specialty office that cares about your child's smile as much a you do. As specialists we have 2-3 extra years of training geared specifically to orthodontics or pediatric dentistry. We have two pediatric dentists and two orthodontists on staff, and are open five days a week. Come and see our office and meet our vibrant and friendly team! We are right next to the post office.

Leslie Dias Athletic Therapy

Stouffville , Ontario
L4A 7X3
Phone 416-209-1338
Website  http://wishingwellhealthcentre.ca/physio_rehab.html
Description: What is Athletic Therapy? Certified Athletic Therapists specialize in treating acute and chronic injuries to your muscles, bones, and joints. Best known for returning professional and elite athletes back to their sport after an injury, Certifed Athletic Therapists use the same sports medicine approach to quickly rehabilitate your injury – resulting in faster recovery, reduced chance of further injury, and fewer visits to your healthcare professional.

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