Provincial Election 2011

Stouffville Connects interviewed three of the four main election candidates in the Oak Ridges-Markham ridings for the 2011 provincial election. Here are those video interviews plus concerns we have raised about unanswered questions we have for Farid Wassef, the PC Candidate.

DR. HELENA JACZEK | Liberal Party of Ontario (incumbent)

JOE WHITFELD | NDP Party of Ontario

TRIFON HAITAS | Green Party of Ontario


Farid Wassef declined an interview with Stouffville Connects, which makes him the first politician in the municipal, federal and provincial elections to do so.

We had important questions to ask Farid Wassef, from his position on the re-allocation of certain Greenbelt lands, taxes, healthcare and bringing two-way Go transit service to Oak Ridges-Markham.

We also wanted to give Farid Wassef the opportunity to explain why he was found guilty of professional misconduct by the Ontario College of Pharmacists in 2002.

You can read the full story here that outlines our concerns here: Who is Farid Wassef , PC Candidate for Oak Ridges-Markham? We Wish We Could Tell You. As we conclude in this blog post, we find ourselves left with many questions, but no answers, as to who Farid Wassef is and what the PC candidate for Oak Ridges-Markham stands for.

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