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2015: Jane has announced her candidacy for the 2015 federal race!

Jane Philpott



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I'm a physician, educator, activist, wife and mother. I'm honoured to be your Liberal candidate and the voice for real change in Markham-Stouffville.

I've been a family doctor with Markham Stouffville Hospital for 17 years, serving as Chief of Family Medicine for 6 years. In 2010, I led the launch of the Health for All Family Health Team that provides care for 10,000 patients in Markham-Stouffville. I also led the opening of the Markham Family Medicine Teaching Unit that has trained 46 family physicians for our community.

Prior to moving to Stouffville, I worked for 9 years in the Niger Republic, West Africa where I practiced general medicine and developed a training program for health workers.

I became a doctor to help people live a healthy and meaningful life. But it takes more than good healthcare to keep people well. It takes a strong economy, a good education, employment opportunities, and more. That's why I've entered politics – to represent our community well and advocate for policies that improve people's lives.

What issues are important to me?

As you might imagine, healthcare is a top priority. Canadians are proud of a health system that has historically been strong and fair. However, the system has been taken for granted. I will use the lessons I've learned as a family doctor to advocate for an affordable, accessible health system for our collective future.

A second priority is an economy that works for everyone. The Liberal plan will get our struggling economy back on track. We've proposed the most significant infrastructure investment in Canadian history. We will create jobs and develop the infrastructure we need for public transit, affordable housing, clean technology and more.

A third priority is restoring Canada's role in the world. Canada should be a voice of reason promoting global security and peace. Our generosity should be evident in matters such as the current refugee crisis. We must contribute serious solutions for environmental challenges including climate change. As one citizen reminded me, "This election is about who we want to be as a nation." I couldn't agree more.

On October 19, please vote for Jane Philpott.

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