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Synergy Tanning Studio !
(905) 642 8550

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Synergy Tanning Studio !

Address 28 Sandiford Drive
Stouffville, Ontario
L4A 1L8
Phone (905) 642 8550
Website  http://synergytanning.com
Description: Synergy Tanning Studios are full service luxury-tanning salons that provide the highest level of tanning and customer service. We are committed to sensible tanning and your skin's well being with the latest in tanning technology. Our friendly and professional staff are educated on ultraviolet light skin typing and exposure schedules. Each customer will benefit from a personalized consultation that will assist you in achieving the tan you desire. Quite simply, we are not happy untill you are satisfied! Maximize Tanning Results with the highest quality bulbs & state of the art Equipment. Unique Point Value System for flexible affordable tanning unit choices. Achieve a high quality tan for the best value. Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff.

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