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CanYouth? The Rhetorical Question

July 27, 2011

CanYouth, a youth-led organization, is creating waves in York Region. This online community is giving a voice to the young and often overlooked members of our community. 

CanYouth provides a forum from which astute adolescents can broadcast their point of view regarding the local, national and international politics that affect their reality.

The issues explored in the published submissions are wide-ranging and paint a precise picture of exactly what young people are interested in today.

The articles offer a look at the everyday life of a young whippersnapper residing in York Region today.

Youth issues (homework, stress and straight A's), athletics and healthy living, environmental plights, green initiatives, youth entrepreneurship and innovation are all on the docket. Probably the most inspiring and suprising addition to the list of pertinent article topics is the tab titled 'community'.

Under this heading you will find numerous articles covering a range of social justice issues from around the world such as Poverty … Why Should I Care? written by Steve Vakeeswaran.

Written with passion, conviction and curiousity the tiny voices of CanYouth are sure to make a big impact on anyone who wants to listen.

CanYouth has a very clear mission, their main objectives are outlined below:

  • Creating a foundation which will share and support youth initiatives in relevance to key global issues
  • Empowering youth by inspiring action through the showcasing of success
  • Displaying the efforts of Canadian youth who have made significant contributions to their communities
  • Discussing and sharing important youth issues

If you or someone you know would be interested in submitting and article to CanYouth the process is simple, visit  and click on their submit and article tab.

Be sure to connect with CanYouth on Facebook and Twitter.

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