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Partnership Provides Free High Speed Internet at the Stouffville Clippers Sports Complex

January 3, 2011

The Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville and are pleased to announce the launch of a free wi-fi hotspot in the Stouffville Clippers Sports Complex. Access to the new hotspot is open to all visitors to the Complex, with connectivity available through most of the facility.

Hotspots give people a place to connect to the Internet through wireless enabled devices such as laptops, smart phones and tablets. Providing more hotspots in Town facilities will give residents and visitors additional means to access the Internet. The hotspot in the Stouffville Clippers Complex is a one year pilot project where internet is being provided by and has been sponsored by local businesses in the community that include the Stouffville I.D.A., Farmer Jacks and Sandy Mackenzie of State Farm Insurance.

"Providing more services to our residents is a good thing," commented Mayor Wayne Emmerson, "We look for cost effective and innovative ways to bring about services that benefit our community."

"Our goal is to make internet access easy and accessible to the community," says Julie King, publisher of Stouffville Connects. "We look at it as our Christmas gift to the town."

Getting logged onto the hotspot is a simple process. Visitors simply select the "stouffvilleconnects" network on their laptop or wireless device and then read and accept a terms of service agreement. Each user then gets a two hour session where they have up to 1 Mbps of bandwidth and 1.2 Gb of upload/download capacity. After the two hours have expired users are prompted to login again. The overall speed will depend on user activity at any given time.

"Access to the Internet is increasingly important," says King. "We hope that the hotspot will not only help visitors to the Complex, but can also be used by residents in rural areas who are looking for faster access than they can get from their dial-up accounts at home."

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