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You're Invited! Talk about important community issues on June 6 Twitter chat

June 3, 2013

TEDxStouffville Twitter Chat

When: June 6, 2013 from 12:00 (noon) - 1:00 pm EST
On Twitter using the #tedxws hashtag

In our hectic lives, the online world offers a great way to engage with others who are concerned about our local community, right from our home and work computers.

On June 6 a Twitter chat will help stimulate conversation leading into this year's TEDxStouffville event, which is being held on June 21st at the Lebovic Centre for Performing Arts - Nineteen on the Park, in Stouffville.

The Twitter chat, which will take place using the #tedxws hashtag, will begin to explore topics that will be at the centre of the conversation on June 21st.

TEDxStouffville wants to know what living in a changing community means to you, how your life is being impacted and insights you may have as to how our community can enact positive change. The Twitter chat will invite people to answer questions, respond to others, and retweet great insights and ideas by using the hashtag #tedxws. (If you have never participated in a Twitter chat, this blog post provides a good overview.)

If you care about your local community and want to participate, all you need is a Twitter account and the ability to do a search for the #tedxws hashtag. If you are new to Twitter, Tweetdeck is a free desktop program that makes it easy to send tweets, retweets and to follow a Twitter chat conversation.

Here are the questions that we will be discussion during the chat:
Q1: What is the most important change you are seeing in your community today?

Q2: One TEDxStouffville topic will look at how the current status quo promotes a sedentary lifestyle amongst youth. Are you involved in any grassroots initiatives that promote fitness as a lifelong habit? What are you doing and what impact, if any, are you seeing? What more can be done?

Q3: Stouffville is the third fasted growing community in Canada. As the fabric of our community evolves, what do you believe are some of the key things that need to happen to foster a healthy community?

Q4: The disconnect within our communities at the family level is one of the topics that will be presented at TEDxStouffville. Do you think our children are getting what they need from their families, friends and schools? What are your experiences and what do you think needs to change?

Q5: Stouffville has a vibrant community of not-for-profits and charities, yet it seems like they sometimes operate as silos in isolation. How can we do a better job of branding Stouffville as a community that cares?

About TEDxStouffville

This year's TEDxStouffville will bring together local citizens, business leaders and other stakeholders to shine a light on changing communities. Six exceptional speakers are lined-up to discuss diverging topics related to this theme. Topics of discussion will include social innovation, fostering a lifelong habit of being physically active and what children need as our community evolves.

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