Relocating Your Business to Stouffville

Real Estate Investment Networks has listed Whitchurch-Stouffville as one of the top ten investment towns in Ontario.

Stouffville is home to two main business areas:

  • The Gormley industrial area located close to the 404 highway; and
  • The main town area located east of Hwy 48 and Stouffville Road.

The Town of Whitchurch Stouffville maintains an online list of Employment Land, Buildings and Office Space.


Located just off the 404, Gormley provides fast access to many areas in Toronto, from the downtown areas to the airport. Currently this area is home to a handful of retail businesses and several industrial companies. When future plans to bring water, sewage and public transportation to the area are implemented this will be a highly desirable location.

Whitchurch-Stouffville's "Downtown" Area

The majority of Stouffville's population is located in a small area concentrated around Stouffville Road between Hwy 48 to the west and the York Durham Line to the east. This area also captures most of the businesses in the community. With Stouffville's population well on track to pass 50,000 residents by 2021 the downtown area is an ideal location for any retail-commercial businesses.

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