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Pickering Airport: Where Do You Stand?

The federal government announced plans for 4,650 acres to be developed for the Pickering Airport. That is slightly larger than Pearson Airport, which is 4,613 acres in size.

Proposed flight paths would extend:

  • directly over Ballantrae / Musselman's Lake;
  • from Gormley to the Walmart to the landing strip; and
  • the south east corner of Stouffville's housing development would be exactly 3 km. from the landing strip.

Does this concern you? Do you want to hear back from local politicians to find out where they stand? Let us know!


Will the proposed flight paths impact your quality of life? Do you support the airport or think it isn't needed? Please share your thoughts!
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I oppose the proposed airport and would like to connect with others who feel the same. As of now (Feb, 2017) the Federal Govt. is still pushing ahead, although with a smaller airport than originally. I work with Land Over Landings, who have actively opposed the airport idea for over 40 years. They are now working on a proposal to show the government that agriculture is actually a better investment for these lands. We would love to have your help and support.
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